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To connect via the API, you need to create a host account in your Brainy dashboard:
go to the "Host Accounts" section → fill in the fields in the "Add Host Account" section:

  • Username;
  • password;
  • IP address;
  • group (if there is no group, create);
  • tariff (if there is no tariff, create);
  • language;
  • shell access;
  • owner.

When creating a group, you must enable the "API access" and / or "Full API access (administrator)" option. The last parameter is responsible for adding administrative functions:


Go back to creating a host account and assign a group to the user who will be given the API connection:



To connect via the API, you need to open a new page in your browser and enter http://your-IP:8002/api/api.php?Login=username&pass=password. If done correctly, you will see a blank page:

If you entered an incorrect username or password, an error {"code": 1, "message": "Not perm2"} is displayed:


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