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Administrative functions require API root rights in order to use any login hosted on the server. If you don't have root rights, you can only use your username.

Incoming data marked with an asterisk are required.



Входящие данные

Варианты ошибок


Massive of average load per user.


username (post or get) * - username;
password (post or get) * - user password;
d_average_load (post or get) * - constant, module name;
show_statistic (post or get) * - constant, operation name;
date (post or get) * - date of viewing the average load (format: 01-01-2016);
language (post or get) - can take the value: en / ru (ru by default).
error: 0, mess: 'Average load statistics.', detail: statistic;
error: 100, mess: 'No average load statistics';
error: 101, mess: 'Invalid date format. Example 01-01-2016 '.

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