Webserver installation

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To install the web server, go to the "Web server" / "Manage web server" section of the admin panel.
On the "Web Server" tab, do the following:

1. Use the apache control buttons in the "Manage apache" block: "Start", "Stop", "Restart", "Force restart".

2. Select your fpm version in the "Manage fpm" box. If necessary, check the "Run for all FPM" box. Use the fpm control buttons: Run, Stop, Restart:

2020-12-19 23-37-21.png

3. Select ready-made bundles (web server and PHP version) to install in the "Installing pre-built bundles" section. Click on the "Install" button:

2020-12-19 23-40-37.png

4. Configure the use of Apache MPM. Click on the "Apply" button.

5. Configure client options. Click on the "Apply" button:

2020-12-19 23-41-48.png

6. Edit your Apache configuration. Click on the "Save" button. Click on the "Reassemble virtual hosts" button:

2020-12-19 23-43-57.png

On the "PHP" tab, install PHP versions and PHP extensions:

2020-12-19 23-45-35.png

The "Uninstall" tab removes the previously set options. To remove an installation, mark it with a tick and click on the "Remove" button:

2020-12-19 23-48-11.png