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The latest news shows that Wilson bought an insurance response to the 2015 season, but in order to cope with the possible injuries, the occupational career is terminated. This is very common for professional players, just in order to keep the value of the loss.

Now the Seattle Hawks' quarter-off Walsell Wilson also became one of them. Since the third round of 2012, the quadrant has got a super bowl but has always stagnated with the big contract of himself and the Hawks.

Fitz Patrick said: "I am now one of his supporters, but I also hope to get the opportunity to play playing. I still want to stand on the venue, because I enjoy the game. I hope some & lsquo; course & rsquo; can pass him Look at the way I play, but if I can't, I will work hard to grow as much as possible. "

However, Demarcus Ware has retired. I don't mean that the performance of the wild horse will be a thousand feet, but Will is a member of the defensive backbone, which is the soul of the three seasons. They will miss this leader.

After Tenguova joined, the problem becomes not to make it started. At present, Ryan Fitzpatrick is the first quartz of the team, when he participated in the front teammates Eric Wood (Eric Wood), he welcomed Tenguova.

Fitz Patrick: Very supported picture, but you also want to play
One of the problems of dolphins this year's break is, do you want to choose the potential for the first round? They finally took off the picture A-Tengovailoa as an answer.

John Lynch, John Lynch, built a defensive group that unsatisfied with the thunderstorm, and he has been promoted to sign the contract of the old man's hand, Elvis-Dumovil: " A intimidated weight of the weight. " In addition to Domovil, there is Amd Brooks, just before the injury, the former All-Pro lines, Navaro - Bowman, Wholesale Jerseys Experienced before the Super Bowl MVP Malcolm - Smith and Strong Xinxiu Ben - Foster. Bowman and Patrick Willis are powerful when they work. If Foster is able to integrate into the defensive group, we will play a number of new show numbers in this year, maybe he can become the second Willis.

Obada received an interview: "I am very grateful. They gave me a chance to contribute to the team, and let me support myself and my family. For me, the most important thing is to maintain stability, believe in yourself Training results. I will try to make up for my weakness & mdash; & mdash; for the match of the game. "

It is really much more than the fifth team of competition, but I can't ignore the raid people with the most destructive players and mdash; & mdash; Carrier Mike. Mike is elected All-Pro in two locations in 2015, and he is also studying how to transform from the line to defensive end. Although it is listed as a defensive end of the 4-3 defense, he can also take care of the job of the wire. In the next few years, he will be a strong competitor of the annual defensive player.

Skywell Luke - Kuqi has always been one of the strong competitors of the Alliance, and cheap jerseys from china the superb skills and bulletors who show them when playing. At last season, he missed the Black Leopard performance to make us see the importance of this player. Kuqi and the old Thomas Davis have formed the main heart of the black leopard guard. They judged on the court and the keen sense of smell of enemy tactics, which is enough to reflect the deep understanding of rugby. The teenager Shak-Thompson's performance is not inferior, he can participate in the near-end and running guards, and he can participate in the raid.

Skills Differently, want to become a top team, in addition to the killing and rushing, but also taking into account the technique of anti-run, people to defense and control, so that it can be perfect. In addition, they also need at least one player who can have been in the stadium to serve as a medium. He needs a strong physical and exquisite technology to lead your teammates to control the game. But even if the player's sudden accident cannot be played, the performance of the guards should not have significant decline.

In the third week of 2018, Obada ushered in his own regular season. The black panther 31-21 defeated the game of the tiger, and Obada got once killed, once a copy, won the best defensive player award from the National United States.

Ou Bada has come to the United States in 2015, and he has played five games for the London Warriors of the British American Rugby League. He first was signed by the denim to the training lineup, followed by the March 2016. After that, he once turned into the chief, the falcon, and finally came to the Black Leopard in May 2017.

Denver's wild horse has the most powerful line guards of the alliance, and the most shocked one of the shots of Miller. After winning the super bowl, he still kept his performance last season and harvested 13.5 killing. People like him are still more than one in the wild horse, it is really a heart. The depth of wild horses is completely imaginary, and everyone is a large number of speeds and strengths. Last season, this skill diversity allows defensive coordinator Wade Phillips to try many different defensive systems. I believe that the new coach Vance Joseph and the defensive coordinator Joe Woodz (Joe Woods) will not be poor. Strong rushing brings that the wild will be killed in the third season, and their anti-run and people are not bad.