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System requirements

OS Architecture Processor RAM Disc

Centos 7

32-64 bit 226 MHz

Minimum RAM — 512mb

Recommended — 1GB



Set up hosting management panel BrainyCP by SSH

To install the BrainyCP hosting control panel via SSH, you must:
1. Connect via SSH - specify the IP address.
2. Fill in the login as root (enter your username) and root @ IP address password (password) fields. You will find the IP address, username and password in the letter from your hosting provider sent to your e-mail after purchasing the VPS.
3. Use install command: yum clean all && yum install -y wget && wget && bash ./


Do not interrupt the installation. Installing PHP, web server, mail server, FTP and other software takes a lot of time. Wait until a line like this appears in the console:


Under the message about the successful installation of the system you will find:
1. Link to the control panel.
2. Login and password information (use the same access as when connecting via SSH).
3. Alert about the need to reboot the system. To do this, enter the command in the command line:



Upon completion of the reboot, follow one of the links provided and log in to the hosting control panel:
1. Enter your username and password.
2. Click on the "Login" button:

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