Removing additional password (htpasswd) by SSH

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An additional password (htpasswd) is needed to maximize the protection of the control panel from unauthorized access. In case you forgot your additional password, the only way to solve the problem is to reset your password via SSH. For this you need:
1. Utility Putty.
2. IP, login and password sent by the hosting provider to your e-mail.
To disable htpasswd authorization, follow these steps:
1. Connect via SSH using the IP address you use to log into BrainyCP.
2. Complete the login as root (username) and root @ IP address password (password) fields.
3. Enter the command: yum -y install nano
4. Enter the command: nano /etc/brainy/src/compiled/nginxb/.htpasswd
5. Replace the existing line with the line: admin: $ apr1 $ L7wL5Wod $ zW4GbNAjV.dR76WWsyXGL1
6. Enter the command: service nginxb restart

2019-08-30 15-24-04.png

After that, go to the control panel and fill in the "Login" and "Password" fields in the pop-up window:

Login: admin
Password: 12345
Now that you are logged into the control panel, go to the "Management" / "Server settings" / "Server" tab, find the "Security" / "htpasswd authorization" block to disable or set a new additional password. How to do this is described in the instructions  "Protecting the panel Brainy CP from an unauthorized access".