Manage DNS-zones

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To add / remove / change a DNS zone, go to the "Name server" / "Manage DNS zones" section of the admin panel.
To add a DNS zone, fill in the fields in the "Add DNS zone" section (Pointer 1):
  • Select a user from the dropdown list.
  • Enter the DNS zone in the "Zone" field.
  • Enter the IP address in the "IP" field.
Click on the "Add" button.
As a result, the DNS zone will be added to the "List of user DNS zones" block (the list of user DNS zones is available to the administrator; the user sees only his own DNS zones). After checking the box "Show zones of all users", a block with a list of all available zones opens automatically (Index 2):
  • To select a specific user's DNS zone, select a user in the User Zones field.
  • To show the zones of all users, check the box next to "Show zones of all users".
  • To update the DNS zones cache, click on the "Update cache of DNS zones" button.
To change the DNS zone, click on the "Edit" button opposite it, to delete - click on the "Delete" button:

2020-12-20 1-53-23.png

After clicking on the "Edit" button, the "Filezone" page opens, in which various settings are available:

2020-12-20 2-02-43.png