Creating PostgreSQL

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To install the Postgresql database in your BrainyCP control panel, go to Databases / PostgreSQL Database.
Click on the "Install / Enable Postgresql →" button, after which the "Packet Manager" / "Postgresql" section will open:

2020-12-20 1-40-53.png

Click on the "Install" button in the "Packet Manager" / "Postgresql" section and the "Confirm Action" dialog box will open. Click on the "Yes" button to proceed with the installation:

2020-12-20 1-42-22.png

After clicking the "Yes" button, the installation process will start, after which the last installed version of the Postgresql database will be indicated in the "Packet manager" / "Postgresql" section, and a control panel will appear, consisting of buttons "See log of the latest installation/deleting ..." , "Delete", "Start", "Stop", "Restart" and "Kill":

2020-12-20 1-46-12.png